Why Are Fire Alarms So Loud, Annoying and Worrisome?

Fire Safety Week in Kindergarten

Did you know smoke alarms are only good for 10 years? Write the date on your alarm so you know when it is time to cheange it.
Fire Safety Week 2016 Kindergarten
Here in California, we hear a lot about fires, especially lately.  I like to bring in a household smoke detector and set it off to show them what it sounds like.  Ours at school, however, is quite different.  We had a fire drill last week after our kindergartners went home and let's just say my ears are still ringing- I'm not exaggerating- it is one long beep. that is far too loud.  My job was to make sure all the doors were locked.  The bells are over the doors.  Next time I will wear earplugs. 

We will be reading many books about firefighters and fire safety all week long. I've been gathering books for this theme for a few years now.  
Fire safety books for kindergarten: Books about fire safety and fire prevention for pre-school kindergarten and first grade.
Here are a few Fire Safety videos to show your students about smoke alarms and fire safety.
Our literacy and math centers will be on Fire Safety themed focussing on the beginning of the year skills. You can find this set in my TpT store.  This set has two printing options color and B/W  for those who need to save ink.
Fire safety themed centers for kindergarten
These are the books we will be reading.  I love My Mom is a Firefighter. If you click the book cover the link will take you directly to Amazon.
The following contains affiliate links to Amazon.
Fire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety BooksFire safety Books
Here are a few Freebie activities I put together. 
You can download them for Free from TpT
Fire Safety Freebies for Kindergarten and First Grade
Have a great week- I hope to come back and share a video I'm working on.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Maryann said...

Thanks for the great resources and the freebie for fire safety week. Wondering if the code for ESGI is still available? I was hoping to purchase the assessment package with the discount. As always your wonderful ideas.

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