Fine Motor Activities With Rainbow Names and Fish

At the beginning of the school year I like to work on developing fine motor skills with my students.  One of my favorite art projects that remains displayed on our wall all year our their Rainbow Names.
Fine Motor Activities for kindergarten: Create a rainbow fish and rainbow name to develop fine motor skills with young students
Although this activity may take some time to prepare, the outcome is always worth it.  Using 6 x18 inch tag or white construction paper, I write each students' name in rainbow order. For example, Jeremy would be written like this with markers.  

The student would then glue the corresponding colored paper squares on top of their letters. I cut the paper into 1/2 inch squares. For easy storage I keep each color separated into ziploc bags.  I use these sorting type trays from the dollar store that are used for parties. 
Once complete I mounted onto construction paper to give it a little more pop.  We have really large paper, (18 x24) but poster board would work too.
Rainbow Names- A great Fine Motor activity for the beginning of the school year

This project leads into my next favorite project, which I call Friendship Rainbow Fish. Reading Rainbow Fish at the beginning of the year is a must.  It is a great way to introduce the lifeskill of friendship.  

After reading the story, I pair my students together, usually with someone who I think they do not already know.  Together they create their own rainbow fish collage. This is another great activity for developing fine motor skills.  It involves gluing small pieces of paper precisely in between the lines.  If the paper is too large it needs to be cut in order for it to fit. properly  The students must work together cooperatively to create their fish.
Rainbow Fish: A FriendshipActivity-working in pars students create this colorful rainbow fish,great activity for developing fine motor skills
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Rainbow Fish Craftivity a free craft pattern for fine motor development for kindergarten
I hope the beginning of your year is off to a great start.  I am looking forward to our three day weekend.

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