End the School Year With Books and Writing

The school year is almost over and I have a bunch of books to read to my kids.  I know many of them are feeling lots of different emotions right now.  How do I know this, years of experiences and listening to them during our morning calendar time.  They don't really understand what summer vacation means, or moving on to first grade.  To help them grasp the concept, I have begun to read stories about finishing kindergarten and moving on to first grade.  We also visit the first grade classrooms and meet the teachers.
The Best Books to End the School Year With: SPend the last few days reading fabulous year end tales to your students.  These books will delight your students and get them thinking about summer vacations and first grade.
To end the year with my students I do two writing activities. First,  I have them write a letter to their first grade teacher.  In their letter they must tell their teacher something that they can do and something that makes them special.  The second writing activity is to make a page for a book to the incoming kindergartners.  The book is titled In Kindergarten..  Each page starts out In Kindergarten I...  I like to read this book on the first day to my incoming kindergarten students, to let them know all about the year they can expect to have.

There are so many wonderful books to end the year with.  These are my favorites.  I'm sure I have left a few off of this list.  If you have others, please share them in the comments.
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Happy Sunday, I'm off  to enjoy the beautiful sunshine before the afternoon wind kicks in.

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