Butterfly Handprint Art

Making Butterfly handprint art is one of my all time favorite spring projects.  I have been making these for years with my students.  I will say, that this is a project that really needs that amazing classroom volunteer.  Luckily for me, I had one again this year.  While she was helping the kids with the project, i was busy running math and literacy centers.
Butterfly Handprint Art Projects for spring.  Use paint and my free body template to create this adorable butterfly to decorate bulletin boards or windows.  this is a great art project for open house and fun for pre-school and kindergarten students.
The easiest way to do this is to paint one hand then place it onto the paper and press their hand down making sure they don't slide it around.  Once they lift their hand, tell them to make a fist and keep it closed.  I try to do the hand that is away from me first.  This helps to not get paint on me.  Then do the other hand.  Once you've painted both hands.  Give them a baby wipe to clean hands, then have them wash at the sink.  Then return to repeat for the second color.

Once the hands have dried.  I freehand trace around the edges so they know where to cut.  As they cut out their hands, remind them to put their names on the back of each one.  You could also do this for them before they start to cut.

Now, for those of you who want to skip the whole paint thing all together, you can have your kids trace their hands and cut them out.  This is a hard skill.  They need to work with a friend, tracing each others hands.

Now all you need is the body part.  I printed mine on construction paper.  I trimmed it to fit into my printer. You can read about that here in Printer Tips and Tricks. To download my free butterfly handprint art body template just click the picture.
Butterfly handprint art: Free body template.
Once you've glued the hands to the back, add some googly eyes and chenille stems for antennas and you have an adorable butterfly handprint art project to hang around your classroom.

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