All About Butterflies

Last week we began learning all about plants and this week we will be learning all about butterflies and metamorphosis.  I did have to introduce our crawling little friends last week as they arrived earlier than expected.
All About Butterflies: Resources to teach the life cycle of the butterfly. Books, video links lessons and activities for kindergarten.
We will begin learning all about butterflies by starting with the life cycle of the butterfly. First, we will read the emergent reader, then complete the sequencing activity from my All About the Butterfly pack.
All About the Butterfly: An Emergent Reader, sequencing activity, mobile and more. This is a packet for teaching the life cycle of the butterfly.
We will finish with making this watercolor butterfly mobile.  It is the perfect decoration for Open House.  These pictures do not do it justice.
Life Cycle of Butterflies MobileLife Cycle of Butterflies Mobile
Life Cycle of Butterflies MobileLife Cycle of Butterflies Mobile
Here a few videos that are appropriate for kindergarten.  I searched Pinterest and Youtube for videos that would be kid-friendly and easy for kindergartners to comprehend; this is what I found.
This is a nice time lapsed video of the monarch butterfly.
We will be reviewing some math skills with ordering numbers. For some of my little ones, it will be an assessment to see if they finally have the skill and for others, it will be to keep the skill fresh.  You can get this for FREE  Just click the picture below.
Number sequencing 1-20: Free from available at
Once our caterpillars have morphed into butterflies and we are ready release them, we will have a little celebration.  We will be making these headbands and drinking nectar (juice) through tiny straws without using our hands. These headbands demonstrate the lifecycle of the butterfly.
Imitating a butterfly by drinking nectar through tiny strawsButterfly life cycle headband created by time4kindergarten available at
butterfly lifecycle headband: Students where this when they release their butterflies
Over the years I have collected many books to read with my class.  My favorite of course is The Hungry Caterpillar.  Here are a few others we will be reading.
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During the next few weeks, we will be watching our bean plants grow and our tiny little caterpillars experience the stages of metamorphosis- fun times in our classroom right now.  We do have one more little springtime insect to add to our springtime fun, but you will have to check back to see what it is.
Have a great week.

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