Fun and Easy Holiday Elf Activities for the Kindergarten Classroom

I am on Holiday break and feel like I can finally breathe.  I have been MIA for 3 weeks.  Thanksgiving break came with report cards and that did me in. December is such a busy month for me. I tend to take on far too many projects at home and at school.  I love all that we do in the three weeks we are at school, but this girl is TIRED!!!

Our classroom elf arrived from the freezer, North Pole. 

elf in the classroom
elf arriveself on a shelf letter

The kids this year named her Jingle Bells.  I went a little overboard with some of the little gifts she brought this year.  My own kids are all grown up, so I don't get to experience that magical moment of little faces lighting up.  She left two gifts a week.
  • Pencils- so they could do their very best on our district writing test.
  • Hot Cocoa- To warm them up on a cold day
  • Candy Cane Seeds-(they were just Tic-Tacs with candy canes on them)
  • Elf Hat-They looked adorable, they could wear them in class all week.
  • Books for the classroom
  • Lights for the classroom
  • A giant gingerbread cookie- He jumped off the pan and we had to chase him around the school.  We had been reading every version of the Gingerbread man/boy/babu/girl... there was
Our Gingerbread Man and our Magic Candy Cane Seeds
gingerbread man for kindergarten with elf on a shelfuse tic tacs as candy can seeds
I was out sick one day so she left a note stating that if they were good for the guest teacher the magic seeds just might grow.  When I returned, those seeds magically grew into candy canes.  

Only one student asked me why the candy canes were all wrapped in plastic.  I quickly replied it was to keep them clean from the special sparkle soil-LOL   He turned his head to the side and said Hmmm.

Our lights and our Elf Jingle pointing our Lifeskill of the week.
elf in the classroomlifeskilss, student life skills, pride
We also did some directed elf drawings thanks to some help from the video from Learning with Mrs. Parker.  I was so impressed with how these turned out.
elf drawings, directed drawings

I'll be back with more to share of some other festivities from my last three weeks.  I wish I had more pictures.  I was so busy it seems that I was too busy to take photos.  I need to teach the kids how to use the iPads to take pictures for me.

Holiday Elf Letters for the classroom

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