Must Have Monday Teacher Tools Week 4

Time 4 Kindergarten Must Have Mondays
This weeks- post is quick.  Last week was long- Parent teacher conferences followed by my 30th high school reunion. Let me just say that it is still hard to believe that I graduated high school 30 years ago.  The minute I walked into the room there were certain people that I recognized even from the back of their head, just by looking at their hair. How is that even possible?  Then there were others- thank goodness for name tags and being a teacher. If they told me their first name I immediately knew their last.  I'm good with names, faces, not so much.  We danced all night to 80's music, reminiced about teachers, in fact a few were even there.  I only got one good photo the whole night it was too dark once the dancing started and the strobe lights were going.  This is it- My Friend Chris was cool back then and is way cool now.  He was teaching at a college back east, in Pennsylvania, I believe. He just finished working on a show that airs in January.  He does makeup for movies, as in scars and tattoos and such.   We haven't seen each other since graduation night.  We had a lot of catching up to do some reminiscing about our antics and drama productions and of couse we had to do some dancing to the B-52's Rock Lobster.

Time 4 Kindergarten Must Have Mondays
Ok- so now back to the real reason you are here- This Weeks Teacher Must Have is Kids and Pets Stain and Oder Remover.
kids and pet, Must Have Mondays

You also really need to have this at your house too.  I originally bought this for my house when we brought home the puppy.  A few years ago, I decided to bring it to school to use on my new rug.  I had no idea what the custodian was spraying on my beautiful Lakeshore carpet every time a student had an accident.  

Last week a student got mad and took a crayon to the chair, I sprayed it with Kids and Pets and it wiped right off, no scrubbing needed.  Last week another student used her dry erase marker on my carpet.  Look at the small dots below on the yellow van in the  top photograph. As soon as school let out, I spritz the spots with Kids and Pets, let it sit for a few minutes and dabbed it dry.  The spots were gone.  I also happened to notice that someone had drawn a square with marker on my carpet in the corner.  I have no idea how long it had been there.  It's not there now.
 No more spots.
This stuff is amazing.  It has removed from my carpet at home, blood, soy sauce, puppy messes, mud and many unknown I didn't do it spots. 

So where can you get this amazing cleaner.  I found mine at Walmart in the cleaning section.  It costs about $6 for a 32.oz bottle.  

Please note, I do not in any way receive any form of payment, commission or products for writing about this product.  I simply love this product and honestly believe in the power of the spray.

Have a great week.  I'll be back next week with more teacher must haves.

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