Hamilton Buhl Flex-Phones

I love having technology in my classroom, but the noise from 6 Chrome Books, 7 iPads and 2 computers can be LOUD!!!  Headphones are a must.  The problem is it is hard to find headphones that withstand the abuse from kindergartners and that can fit their little heads.
Hamilton Buhl headphones, flex-phones for children
While I was in Atlanta in February, I found these AMAZING headphones form Hamilton Buhl.  When  they asked me if I wanted to test and review any of their products, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  They sent me two sets of their Flex-Phones. My students love them, they don't pinch or slide down.  They are made from a single piece of EVA foam.  There is no worries of those ear covers coming off-You know what I'm talking about, the kind that are virtually impossible to put back on.
Hamilton Buhl headphones, flex-phones for children
I love that the headphones are available in different colors, they are currently available in red, blue and black.  Another feature to these headphone is the Snap-On Size Adapter.  This is great for smaller children.  It helps to keep the headphone snug on their head, but not tight.
Hamilton Buhl headphones, flex-phones for children
They are called Flex-Phones for a reason.
Hamilton Buhl headphones, flex-phones for children
The sound quality is fabulous and most importantly it never reachers over 85 decibels, this is to help protect developing ears.
Hamilton Buhl headphones, flex-phones for children
Along with the headphones, they sent me the Universal Wireless Induction Speaker for Mobile Phones.
Hamilton Buhl wireless induction speaker.
No wifi configurations, wires or pairing is necessary.  All you need are 3 AA batteries.  Just set your phone on top and the induction system amplifies the sound.  This is great if you want to take music outdoors and don't want to carry your CD player.  The small device makes your music easily portable.  

Hamilton Buhl has so many great products, but by far those headphones are my favorite!!!  I can't wait to order more for my classroom.

IF you are interested in these headphones they can be purchased directly from the company on Amazon.


Cecilia said...

These look great- thanks for sharing. I'll have to wait until next years budget to see if I can get 5 of them. Happy Easter!

KoalaKinders said...

Wow! These look fabulous! I have had to purchase new headphones every year! I have also had to add a loop of elastic to the headphones so they would fit the kinders' heads. Can't wait to try these out! Thanks for the tip!

Sarah Paul said...

Thank you so much for posting about this! I need some GOOD head phones that don't hurt little ears. :)

Unknown said...

We are looking at these headphones for our school district. How have they held up after 1 ear of use? Still in good shape?

Unknown said...

TOO FUNNY! I meant to say 1 YEAR of use....