Writing in Kindergarten

I've switched up our writing station this month and have started using pages from my Write Away: Writing Prompts for K and 1st.
kindergarten writing
What I really like about these pages is the word bans=k that is above to help the kids with spelling some of our sight words that would be useful when writing to the specific prompt.  

I have focussed a lot this year on writing with my kids.  I have been teaching them to break words into syllables then segment the sounds in each syllable.  After much practice they are getting the hang of it.  Tog begin, we first read all of the words in the word bank.  I have found that my kids can read the words but might not be able to spell them.  Having the word bank on the paper helps them to spell the sight words correctly.  We also use the space men to help with our spacing so our words aren't scrunched together.  

This picture is from another writing day-I forgot to take one today
writing in kindergarten

For this weeks prompt, I asked each student the question;  "What is your favorite toy?" They must answer using a complete sentence. For my ELL I will model a sentence frame- "My favorite toy is a _______.  

writing in kindergarten kindergarten writing
After they write and illustrate, they get to share their work with the class, using the document camera.
I am so proud of the writing this little guy did.  


billi said...

Love this idea!! In the beginning do you just let them write whatever they want or do you give prompts?

Tiffani said...

Hi Bill thanks for commenting and what a great question. In the beginning we use my monthly word wall picture cards to discuss vocabulary, then together we create a sentence. I model how to write the sentence as students copy it into their journals. I do this in small groups as a center as well. This way I can give attention to each student to also work on propper letter formation.

Anonymous said...

great ideas.Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.