SitSpots Oh the Places They'll Sit

Have you heard of SitSpots?  I first found out about this company last summer while in Las Vegas.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce, the creator of SitSpots and was given the opportunity to test them out.

When I had ordered my spots, I had ordered only one of each shape/color so I had only one red square, 1 blue square, 1 red circle… you get the idea.  There are no two shape/colors alike.  Every child has their own shape/color to sit on.  A few days after my SitSpots had arrived, my co-worker was telling me about the issues she was having with keeping students in their designated spaces.  She had been using masking tape with their names on it, but the kids kept picking at it and peeling it up.  I offered to let her try out my SitSpots.
SitSpots carpet nametags

Fast forward to March, here it is 6 months later and those SitSpots are still sticking to the carpet.  I am truly amazed at how well these adhere to the carpet. They don't come up when the carpet is vacuumed and the kids don't try to pick them off.  They look fabulous even after being sat and walked on for all this time.

What I really like about these is that they don't leave a residue like tape does.  A few years ago I used colored Duct tape.  What a mess it was.  After  the carpet had been cleaned the tape had melted into the carpet.  It took hours to pick each piece off.

If you think you might want these, but aren't sure if they will work with your carpet, SitSpots has a solution.  You can request a free sample to try SitSpots in your classroom.

There are so many different shapes and colors you'll be sure to find something that will be perfect to match your classroom decor.

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Hello from Spain: I like many marks these colors to the ground. Very practical. Great proposal. Keep in touch