Lakeshore Castle Blocks

Lakeshore has done it again!.  I was more than thrilled when they asked me to review one of there newest products.  I have a big bucket of old blocks in my room, but the minute I saw these, I knew they wouldn't sit all alone during choice time.  My kids couldn't wait to get their little hands on them.

This set of 60 blocks includes 12 different shaped blocks all made of hardwood.  Each block has a very detailed medieval image on all sides.  The images are perfect for creating magical castles.

For the past three weeks, the blocks have been the most popular choice time center.  My girls truly love playing with these blocks.  I think it is the pictures on the blocks that make them so magical.  Together my kids work to use every block when building their castles.  

If you think your class will love these blocks as much as mine do, you can order a set and get 20% off with this coupon.  Just click the image for more details.

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