Polar Express Postponed and Christmas Math

I had hoped to write all about our Polar Express day, but here in Northern California we experienced quite a storm on Thursday.  I arrived early to school getting soaked by the time I got through the gate.  Soon after, they decided to close the school as the water was coming down hard and some of the roadways were beginning to flood. Back home I went still thinking that we'd still have our Polar Express day on Friday as planned.  I imagined all of us wearing our pajamas and rain boots.  However, our district decided to be cautious and close for Friday as well.  So, no Polar Express pictures yet.  We are scheduling it for next week.

The two extra days gave me time to finish up some centers I had been making and finally post them to TpT.  I can't wait for my kids to use them next week.
december math center.  Christmas math, time4kindergarten.com
I hot glued clothespins to the back of the tags so they can clip them right to the presents.  I'll do the same for the activity with the lightbulbs that go with the trees as soon as I buy more clothespins.  Dollar Store here I come!!!
december math center.  Christmas math, ten frmaes
ten frame, december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math

Our next week will be busy, we still have parent gifts to make, a school Life Skills assembly, Polar Express Day and our school-wide Holiday sing-a-long.  Thank goodness Winter break is coming.  I'm going to need it after next week.


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