Bring on the New Year

I love this time of year.  The holidays with family and friends are over.  I get that itch to reorganize and start the new year fresh and I have some down town to just relax and not think about school.  As a teacher we all know how hard it is to NOT think about school. My husband and I have been spending time together running errands, having dinner with friends, and doing some impromptu shopping.  We ran into Costco for 3 things- I came home with new wine glasses, a scale, a wooden tray and some food storage containers.  I'm thinking we need to stop running errands.

Today's agenda is to finish gathering all the items that we are donating to Goodwill and drop them off for that last tax deduction of the season.  I will also be doing a little shopping on TpT I need a few things for my high kids and of course I NEED some clip art.  At least all my purchases can go towards this years tax write off.  To help you out with a last minute write off- I've also put my store on sale.
and I finished my January writing centers so I will be printing, laminating and cutting those out tonight.
writing center, january word wallwriting center, january word wall
Thanks for helping me make 2014 a FABULOUS year. 
I can't wait for 2015

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