12 Days of Giveaway Day 12

Wishing you and your family a very joyous day.  Today's Gift is from a new product that I am still working on.  If there are skills you would like me to include in this Winter Math packet, please leave me a comment below.  


lorena said...

Merry Christmas, Tiffani! Thank you for all your great gifts! This math packet looks great so far. Maybe add a counting by 5s and 10s pages? I noticed on your tallies page says "Hats of to tallies" and maybe you meant "off"? Thank you, again, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day today. :)

Tiffani said...

Thank you Lorena for letting me know. I did fix it and reload it. I do have some 5's and 10's pages for the packet as well. Keep the ideas coming. Have a fabulous holiday.