Morning Routines

The other day I shared my attendance board with you and mentioned that I hadn't used it yet.  Well I have now, and it worked.  The kids are really getting the morning routines.
attendance board, magnetic board, kindergarten
A few friends still need some verbal prompting, but they are doing it.
Here is what we have been doing.

morning routines, daily routines, class must do's, morning work
I now need to add this new routine.  I'll place it between putting away their homework and before they come to the carpet.
morning routines, lunch choice, morning work
The cards above are from my Back to School Rules packet.
school rules, morning routines, classroom procedures
What routines do you have for your students each morning?  i'd love to read about them.  You can leave me a comment below.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your attendance board!! I do not have my own classroom yet, I am finishing out my schooling. I have however started looking into thing I can bring to my own room and this is a wonderful idea!