Hello October

Wow, can you believe it.  Is it really October already.  Today as I planed and prepped I thought to myself, where did the month go?  I can't believe I am already thinking about Halloween.  Yikes.!!!  The one good thing about a new month is a paycheck!!! Could you hear me shouting this morning as I checked my bank account?  Those back-to-school expenditures for the classroom and 2 college tuitions were a bit much.

So now that it is October and my little ones have been in school for 29 days, we have established some routines and those who weren't so quick to pick up on our morning procedures seem to have them down.

Tomorrow we will be testing out our attendance and lunch count board.  Yesterday was picture day, so I took pictures of all my kids.  They looked picture perfect, so I knew it was a good opportunity to snap a photo.  I'll report back next week as to how it is working out.  I think it will be just one more thing my kids will be able to do.  I love making them independent.
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I used a Spontan magnetic board from IKEA ($12.99), some washi tape and the signs from my Calendar Time Wall Kits.  To create the board.  I put my students pictures in a PowerPoint sizing them to 2" squares.  (Sorry for the rectangles- can't show their cute faces) I just wanted you to see how I made my photos. I used magnetic tape from Michael's on the backside to keep them on the board.
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This month we will be focussing on rhyming!!! I printed the cards from my Rhyme Time Packet to begin using with my small groups.  I changed the setting on my printer, to print two pages onto one page.  This way I save on paper, ink and the cards are more manageable in a smaller pocket charts, like the ones form Target Dollar Spot.
multiple page printing, printer tricks

Here's a quick preview of the packet.
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Until next time, enjoy the rest of the week!

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