Throw Back Thursday- Calendar Math Notebooks

Last year I implemented Calendar notebooks in my classroom.  They were a huge success.  My students were actively engaged in every aspect.  When it was time to put them away they would beg to do just one more page.  I'm sharing a post I did last year showing the set-up of my Calendar Notebooks.

From August 10, 2013
Calendar time is how I begin my morning.  My kids come in, put their things away and meet me on the rug.  We start with our attendance, pledge of allegiance, school pledge and then begin the morning calendar routines. This is about the time when my criss-cross applesauce gets ants in the pants.  The helper of the day is up front putting on a show and most of the other kids are picking at the carpet or -- well you know how it goes... I knew my routine had to change- more kids needed to be involved.  Slowly little by little calendar time turned into a whole group activity. Now everyone has a binder with a special pencil pouch to hold their pencil and crayons.  As the year progresses manipulatives can be added to their pouch.

Needed Supplies:
  • My Calendar Notebooks for All Year
  • 1" binders bought at Costco 6 pack/$7.98
  • 1 box of 250 sheet prtoectors from Costco $12
  • 4 pack box of crayons from the .99 cent store 6 boxes in a pack
  • zipper pouch or ziplock bag
I also added page dividers that are numbered 1-4 so kids can turn to specific sections. I only used them because I already had them.  Colored construction paper works well too.

I have a binder as well so that I can place it under my Elmo while we are working.
Here are a few samples of some of the pages.  Some pages students will write or color on. Other pages will be placed inside the plastic sleeve and they will use a dry erase marker.  My markers on order.  I will be using the magic erasers from the Dollar Store as their erasers. They are big enough to cut in half and be placed in the push with the other supplies. 
Calendars: Different styles as the year progresses
 Monthly Weather Charts, Days in School Tally Chart and 100's charts
 More Activities
 Place in Sheet Protectors
 Great for Tracing with dry erase pens, or asking students to point to specific items.

I can't wait to begin calendar time this year.  My binders are ready to go, I just need to add names to the covers, once I have a class list.

Here is a FREE SAMPLE of the AUGUST  calendar pages (Don't worry the water mark logo isn't on the samples)

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Unknown said...

I used Calendar notebooks when I taught. I also had one or two monthly songs/poems in them. It improved their fluency in reading.
Great Job