Donors Choose- A Call for Help and a Freebie

I was really hoping to start my school-year off with my Donors Choose project being fully funded.  However this doesn't look like it will be the case.  In my last minute efforts- I'm asking my readers to contribute just $1 to my project.  If even 1/3 of my followers contributes $1 it would be more than enough to fund my little project.

So, here's a little background.  I teach at a very low-sociaeconmic school.  Most of my students come to school speaking very little or no English at all.  Technology is not something my students have access too, unless they are at school.  While some of my students are fortunate enough to have an iPad or tablet, their families often don't have the means to afford the internet leaving these devices useless.

My goal is to expose my students to technology as often as possible and teach them how to use it.  If you read my post the other day about What I Learned in Vegas, then you know how excited I am to to start using iPads in my classroom.
Donor's Choose Project
So I ask you, my readers and followers to spread the word and help me get this funded.  I only have 4 days left before time runs out.

And just in case you need a little something in return.  Here is a Black Chevron Word Wall set that is editable so you can add your own words as needed.  Just click to download.


alwayskindergarten said...

My DC project was just funded so I'm paying it forward. I hope you get it funded in time! Good luck!

ronnie said...

Thank you.