Life is getting CRAZY

This feels like the 90 days of May.  I feel like all I do know is go to meetings; SST's, IEP's, Grade Level, Learning Center, Evaluations, Education Foundation Teacher Appreciation... and that was all this week.  Next week doesn't look any better.  I am beginning assessments- benchmarking and DIBELS, I still have the Mother's Day project to do and YES, I know it is Thursday- so we know what will be on the plans for tomorrow.

Currently I'm waiting for my daughter to arrive home for Mother's Day weekend and my son to come home from Track practice so we can head on out to do his senior portraits.  I know most people do them earlier, but he didn't want to take them with his braces on.  Now that they are off, we can get them down,providing the run doesn't start.  Did I mention Prom is this weekend too.  Is it June yet?  I have two graduations and I'm hoisting the retirement party for our fabulous reading specialist.  I don't know how we will manage without her next year.

I haven't even had time to shop the TpT sale.  Luckily for me the sale has been extended due to technical difficulties.  The people at TpT are working so hard to correct all that went wrong yesterday.  If you were one of the shoppers who had an issue, rest assured they will make it right, just be patient.  After I finish this post, I'm heading over to fill my cart with clipart.  I have a lot of new projects in the works.  If you are like me and are already thinking about the next school year, you might want to do some beginning of the year shopping.  I have bundled all of my Monthly No Prep Just Print packs into one big money saving bundle.  Buy it now before I add October to it.  After I finish October, the price will increase.  BUT if you buy it now, you get October when I upload it.
no prep just print
no prep just print
no prep just print
I started updating my Calendar Notebook Pack.  for the 2014-2015 school year.  If you already own it stay tuned for the update.  Hopefully to be finished this weekend.  You can buy it now while it is on-sale and then download when the new year is updated.  The picture below is what the new cover will like when completed.   I'm changing out the dates and the frames.  If you have suggestions on something you think I should add,  or change, please email me at
calendar notebooks
Of course my Alphabet books are always a great resource.
alphabet readers
Perfect timing- my daughter just walked in the door… Time to post and go

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