The Countdown Continues

We kicked off our ABC Countdown to summer vacation last Thursday.  Art day and Bubble day were a huge success.  We had handprint butterflies being made and watercoloring the life cycle of the butterfly on Art Day.  Friday was Bubble Day.  The kid asked about it all day.  I was worried because it was pouring rain when school started.  As the day went on the skies cleared and the rain left us.  There was a slight breeze which made bubble day even more enjoyable.  What is it about bubbles that makes kids so happy?
art day, bubble day, abc summer countdown
art day, bubble day, abc summer countdown
The parents brought in so many bubbles, that we have enough to do it a few more times.  As for all those handprints, those are the beginning to our butterflies.

These came last week too.
insect lore, caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs
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pursecase, giveaway, #stylinanddialin

We will kick off the beginning of the week with these two books.
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And if we aren't busy enough...
Mother's day is just around the corner- Look what we will be making.  
Mother's Day Craft, Coupon book
Need some ideas, check these out!

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