Plants and Preparing for Earth Day

We are winding down to get ready for a 4 day weekend.  When we return next Tuesday, it will be Earth Day.  Our class will performing at our morning assembly.  We've been practicing this fabulous song from Intelli-tunes, "Every Day is Earth Day"  My kids love the song and they sound adorable when they sing it.  We finally finished our Promise to the Earth writing and pictures.  I really like our final product.
Earth Day Art project for kindergarten.

The direction and templates for these are in my TpT store. If you download, please follow me on TpT and leave feedback.
kindergarten Earth Day, Free Earth Day activities
This week we have also been learning about plants.
We watched Sid the Seed.

We talked about the different aspects of plants and used these cards to make our Tree Map. I was really impressed with my students' prior knowledge.
Plants in kindergarten, What they have, need and give
We finished out the day with planting some green beens.  We poked the hole with a pencil, dropped in a seed then covered it up.  Each child was able to plant two seeds in our big class containers and then another seed in our sprout houses.   We will be comparing the different growing environments.  I bought those greenhouses about 10 years ago from Lakeshore.  They look so cute in the window of our staff room.  My classroom doesn't have windows, so I have to use the windows in the staff room and my front meeting area to display the kids work. 
kindergarten plants, bean plants
If you want the Plant cards, you can get them in my TpT shop
Plant vocabulary cards, anchor chart
Tomorrow we will be reading this book, from my From Seed to Bean reource.
When the bell rings at the end of the day, we will depart for the 4 day weekend.
We'll be back on Tuesday for some great Earth Day fun.


Kelley Dolling said...

Yay . . . so glad to hear that you are loving the tune. I will be sure to tell my pop!

Mark said...

There are also some good ideas at on the plants pdf. I especially liked the flap book for root plants and top plants.