Spring Break!!!

I am officially on Spring Break!!! Here it is Saturday morning, the family are all still asleep.  I was thankful that I slept until 8:30.  That is sleeping in for me.  I have a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe form our front window and the sun is shining bright.  Unfortunately there is no snow.  I know so many of you are sick of the snow and all those snow days, but we aren't.  We come to the snow for vacation- I know weird right. Actually I was hoping for a lot of snow so the family would go boarding and I'd get the condo to myself, just me, my laptop and some good movies.  Oh well a girl can dream.
While packing for this trip I seriously considered bringing my printer and laminator, but There was no way I could just sneak it in the trunk, so at home they stay.  I did however bring a bunch of work to do.  And intend on finishing my digital scrapbook I started last weekend, of my trip to Spain and London.  Some people knit, some sew, I like to create digitally, its my hobby.  I find it relaxing.  Besides I need to use all that great clipart I bought a few weeks ago.

Before I left the post man delivered two packages.  My Next Stitch Fix came.  I only had time to tear open the box and find some super cute new shirts, and sweaters, no time to try on, so that will wait until next week.
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My new Thirty-One bags came too.  I am IN LOVE with my newest tote. What's not to like, it is black and white polka dotted with my initial in red.  I have about 5 of these totes, but none have the zippered top, that was the rational I used to buy it.
thirty-one zippered utility tote
thirty-one zippered utility tote
thirty-one tote with zipper top
 I also both this cute fold-n-file.  I'm not sure what I'll use it for.  Maybe I'll replace my magazine holder with it.  Or use it to file stuff in my office.  Either way, it is super cute.
fold-n-file, thirty-one
fold-n-file, thirty-one box
DId I ever tell you all that I'm a Thirty-One consultant.  I hate doing the home party circuit, so I just sell to friends, family and strangers on the internet thanks to Pinterest.  I have a whole board dedicated to Thirty-One.  If you've ever dreamed of having one of their big bags or my favorite the Cindy Tote- check out this months special.
Thirty-One bags, Teacher bags

Thirty-One Bags, great for teaches, Cindy Tote
That's all for now, the family has started to stir......


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