Fluently Add and Subtract Within 5.

Are your kids able to fluently add and subtract within 5?  This is just one part from the Kindergarten Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core Math Standards- commonly refereed to as KOA.A5
We've been working with numbers all year and doing addition problems in our math journals- Today we broke out the two sided color counters to play Shake, Spill Count.  After I demonstrated how to use the counters on the Elmo, everyone returned to their tables to practice.
CCSS Math KOA.A5 add and subtract fluently within 5
Once all was completed we reconvened at the carpet to share our findings.  It wasn't long before they were able to name all the different ways to make 5.
CCSS Math KOA.A5 Add and subtract fluently within 5

Next week we will be on Spring Break! When we return we will continue with our addition facts.  Each student will receive a set of flash cards to add to their homework binder.  I'm remaking the flash cards I normally use and will post them when I am finished.

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Leslie said...

We are still working on this this skill too! Thanks for sharing your idea.