Teaching Syllables in Kindergarten

Syllables, not an easy concept to teach to kindergartners;  especially when they stretch out the words to make those 1 syllable words 2 syllables- You know what I mean cat becomes  ca-at.  We have been working on syllables all year long.  First we start by clapping out the syllables, then we check them with our Personal Syllable Checker.  Using this little trick has really helped my kids master syllables. Every time they say the vowel, their mouth drops down.
teach syllables with a built-in syllable checker
We've been using my syllable count and clip cards for practice.
I hope this little trick can help you out.

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Shifting Teacher K-2 said...

What an awesome idea! If I can ever get back to teaching, I'm going to do this with my kiddos!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Shifting Teacher K-2