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Today I'm linking up with a fabulous group of bloggers in our first of many to come Bright Ideas Blog Hop.  Today we are giving you our Bright Ideas, these are time saving and why didn't I think of that tips and ideas.   Who can't use a fabulous new idea?  Today I'm sharing with you my ideas for labels.

Labels are my one of my favorite office supplies.  I own several sizes and use them for everything.  I like labels because I can use cute fonts to make everything match and look fancy.  I use a lot of labels to tag my students belongings in the classroom.  It takes too much time to write out everyones names each time you are passing out a new journal, pencil box or notebook.

You might think, labels are expensive.  Yes, they can be, but last year I stumbled upon labels at my local Dollar Store. They may be a little thin, but they get the job done.  240 labels for $1.00!  That's what I call a bargain.
Dollar Tree Labels by Polaroid, classroom labels, time4kindergarten
At the beginning of the year I make multiple sets of class labels with my student names. Just last week I labeled these books I had in my cupboard.  It took about 1 minute.  I don't have to worry about trying to read my students' handwriting or worry that I'l make a mistake when writing out their names.  
Dollar Tree printer labels
I did a quick look around my classroom to make a list of all the ways I use labels.
  • coat hooks
  • cubbies
  • pencil boxes
  • glue tubs
  • math journals
  • writers notebook
  • reading book box
  • name bases for substitutes or field trips
  • homework folders
  • classroom supplies
So, the next time you are at your Dollar Store look for the labels.  I buy a few packs at a time, just to make sure I have enough whenever I need them.  

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Unknown said...

I love labels! I do the same thing at the beginning of the year! Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

Lilmrspreschool said...

labels are the best! good ideas!!


The Colorful Apple said...

I love labels! I use them all the time in my classroom too. Another way I use them is for taking notes during reading/writing conferences. I keep the whole set on my clipboard and when I take a note, I add it to their file.

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple