Mastering the Chaos Part 2

I've received a few emails and comments about my binder, the sleeves and most importantly where to buy them.  For me, Costco is the only place.  Just last week I purchased  a pack of 2- 3" binders for under $7. They do have the best prices.  A 6 pack of 1 binders costs about $9.  II also purchase the sleeves at Costco.  A pack of 250 is about $11.00.  One thing I will say is that I put most of my pages in back-to back and Sometimes.  I will put in several pages together, like the books for example.

I just looked on-line at Costco and found these.  They are a pack of 12 for $20.79
 ALSO, if you have an Office Depot, watch the binder sales.  I've bought packs of 12 for $12 for my class before. I'll try to watch the adds and let you know.

I just spent the last two hours creating more binders.  I'm still playing catch up from all the new stuff I just printed.

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