Hooray the !00th Day is Almost Here

Depending on when you started school the 100th day is rapidly approaching.  We will be celebrating our 100th day on Friday January 31st.  I love that it is on a FRIDAY and it is the last day of the month. this will give us a break for Valentines Day.  Usually they are a week apart.

Being that my school is only primary grades Kindergarten, First and Second we have decided to have a school-wide celebration.  Each teacher will be doing their own activities with their class depending on how much time and energy they want to devote to the day.

School-Wide Events

  • We are having a canned food drive to collect 100's of cans.  
  • Each class will be creating 6 to 7 posters titled Reason # _Why I love my school.  We will have a total of 100 posters to display around our school.  
  • We will have an open walkthrough for classes who created projects so everyone can see.

My Class Events
These are just some of our events for the day.  I usually over plan.

  • My class will be creating a take-home family project of 100 items.
  • We will make 100 snack bags
  • 100 cereal necklaces.
  • 1I'm 100 Days Smarter Pennant banner
  • Create a life size 100's chart (see last years here)

I will be using many of the activities that are in my NEWLY UPDATED Hooray for the 100th Day If you bought this pack before be sure to download it again.  It has many new activities and new T-Shirt iron on designs
100th day of school packet K-2
100th day t-shirt transfers- make your own at home

T-Shirt Transfers
This pack contains
Art100's Day Homework English/Spanish
3 Hats
1 image to create buttons,stickers or necklaces.
5 images to create your own hundreds day t-shirt
Number Writing to 100: Write by 5’s, 10’s, 100 and from 1-50
Number color grid 2's, 5's & 10's
I Wish I had 100
If I had $100
Class Banner-I am 100 Days Smarter. 
Reason #_ why I love my schoo

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