12 Easy and Fun Ideas for a Classroom Elf

"She's naked" is all I hear. These are not the words any teacher ever wants to hear 
Today our class received a package straight from the North Pole.  I asked the kids what they thought it could be as they were all touching the box to feel how cold it was.  

A few thought it was a penguin.   I was trying so hard to keep a straight face while laughing hysterically on the inside. I love how their little minds work.
 They couldn't believe how cold the package was.
They noticed the Santa Stamp and post mark.
north pole package
We unwrapped the package only to find another box inside.  It too was cold.
package from the north pole
After unwrapping it, this is what we found.
So, as I'm reading the letter the kids burst out laughing,  "she's naked" is all I hear.  I look down and the elf's skirt has dropped to her ankles. I quickly fasten the undone velcro, giggle and keep reading.

Next, we brainstormed some names.  They had a hard time at first.  I started to think this wasn't going to work out when they were saying names like tree, lights, and Nod. For some of the names they gave me, I just pretended that I didn't hear them. 
  Then we went back over the names and did a thumbs up/thumbs down if we should keep it.  
 Next, I asked each kid what name they liked the best and we created our tally chart.  Great way to throw in some math.  Which name received the most votes, the least...
Here is an outline of what will be on Elf's agenda for the next three weeks.  I have left some days blank for now.  I'll be filling them in as I think of new things to do.  I didn't use the elf that came with the book, so I might use him as a visiting elf for when the kids are really good, or when they are super naughty.  Time will tell.

Day 1: Elf leaves Christmas lights- She will be tangled up in them
Day 2: Elf leaves a new book in the library and will have read a bunch of holiday books
Day 3: Elf will be sitting in the small Christmas tree that she brings.
Day: Elf will be sleeping in kleenex- new boxes of Kleenex for each table (its runny nose season)
Day 4: Elf will leave some special seeds (peppermint candies in a flowerpot)  In a few days they will grow into candy canes.
Day. 5:  Elf will be in a ball pit made of colored craft pompoms
Day 6: Elf will play twister
Day 7: Elf will be at the pencil sharpener with new pencils
Day 8: Elf will have left a mess with the daily agenda and calendar
Day 9: Elf will be riding in a miniature sleigh
Day 10: Elf will bring a gingerbread man for the gingerbread manhunt
Day 11: Elf will be making snowflakes and will leave supplies for the student
Day 12:  Elf will be sitting in a large cooking pot on top of the playhouse stove.  The pot will be filled with marshmallows and hot chocolate supplies.

I am using the templates from my Holiday Letters resource to leave my elf notes
Elf letters for the classroom
Happy Holdidays


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