Getting Ready for the New Year

Christmas has come and gone at our house.  We are gearing up for the new year.  With the new year always come those resolutions I make but rarely keep.  You know the ones, eat healthy, exercise more (or start), spend less money… This year I'll of course make those same resolutions.  I'll start the year off with a clean and organized house and see what happens next.

This coming year will bring several new changes in our house.  My daughter leaves in 3 weeks YIKES for school.  She is transferring mid-year as a junior.  I'm not sure how we will manage without her.  She has really stepped up the past few years helping out with normal household tasks, running errands and even doing the grocery shopping for me.  I rarely share this on my blog, heck I may have never shared it here, but I don't drive.  I was born with an eye condition that makes my visual acuity less than desirable.  Let's be honest you really wouldn't want to be on the same road as me anyways.  Having my daughter around has made life so much easier.  She loves the occasional trip to Target and the Mall.  My husband on the other hand HATES it.  However, he is generally a good sport about it.  In fact today he took me around to do the returns and shop for new furniture.

Now you might be wondering about my son, yes he is a senior and NO he doesn't have his license.  He really doesn't have the desire to drive.  Perhaps it stems from a statement he made when he was 4 years old and giving me a hard time while we were out shopping.
ME: What is the matter?
SON: I hate shopping
ME: Well you better get used to it.
SON: Why?
ME: Because some day you will have a wife and she will want to go shopping.
SON: Then I'll marry a wife who can drive herself shopping.

Back to my husband who hates shopping- For Christmas he gave me a gift Card to Stitch Fix.  I was very surprised that he had even heard of this.  I think this is a great idea.  I tend to shop a lot on line, but then have to do all the returns- (That was the returns I mentioned earlier).  Perhaps having my own stylist will lesson the need for returns.  If you are interested and want to sign-up be sure to use my referral link.
As for that fabulous daughter of mine she searched high and low for this sweater.
 I bought it and had to return it due to a tear in the seam. She knew how much I had liked it and went out of her way to locate it.  BEST DAUGHTER EVER.

Leaving you with a few pics from our holiday season.

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Sharon Dudley said...

Tiffani, I really feel for you. Being totally blind, I have to depend on drivers to take me shopping too. My husband simply refuses to take me during the holiday season. Hence the reason all of our nieces and nephews got $50 in an envelope! My 23-year-old daughter also hates shopping. This is a shame, because I am really a girly-girl, and even though I'm blind I love for things to match.

I also love gingerbread books and just put up a post about a relatively new book called "The Gingerbread Bear". Stop by! I would love to hear from you.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight