Deck the Halls With TpT

After all that Black Friday Shopping, long lines and crazy shoppers it's time to reward yourself with some Cyber-shopping on TpT.  Now need to wait in line, grab some hot chocolate, a comfy chair and sing-a-long to your favorite Christmas Carols.
My favorite and soon to yours.  
Everything you need to get your class Rockin' and Rollin' through the holiday season.

An Oldie but a Goodie, coming straight from Grandma's oven
The Gingerbread Man catch him Live Monday and Tuesday at TpT.
From Common Core Gingerbread and More Math Centers

Making his debut this season for a limited engagement 
The Elf on a Shelf
Write your personal fan mail using my editable stationary.
These are just of a few of my favorite things during the holiday season.  Just look under the holiday tab in my TpT store for much, much more

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