Sensory Time

So many of my kids have never been to pre-shool, they come without any knowledge of the alphabet and many are unable to even write their name.  With a ton of new curriculum and special programs I am finding it hard to squeeze in the things my kids really need. They need PLAY time.  "Social Development" if we are being politically and educationally correct. So, how does one mesh the two together. With some colored rice and magnetic letters, my kids had a great time digging for letters.
Making colored rice is so easy.
All you need is
a big bag of rice rom Costco
food coloring rubbing alcohol
a cookie sheet and wax paper/parchment paper
Mix a few teaspoons and some food coloring in a bowl.
 Start adding rice and stir the more rice you add the lighter the color.  
Spread on a cookie sheet to dry before storing in a container

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