Parental Involvement with Homework

Over the years I've had great success at getting parental involvement within the classroom.  I have several parents that help out weekly with my prep work or come into the classroom to help with special projects or work with struggling students.  My homework program has also been quite successful over the years.  I use a homework binder that goes to and from school daily.  98% of my kids do their homework, compared to other classes, my success rate is good.  However, I wanted more.  I didn't just want my kids to practice skills that we've been working on in the classroom, I wanted the parents to see what we are learning.  My hope is that parents will see what we are learning and notice if their child is capable of performing the tasks.   If their child is unable to perform, then I am hoping their parents will take a few extra minutes to work with their child.  This is when I decided to create my Letter Naming Fluency Pack and my Sight Word Fluency Pack.  For the kids who still need a lot of practice with lettering naming, they are receiving the Letter Naming pages.  For my kids who know all their letters, they are receiving the sight words.  I explained the new homework during parent-teacher conferences and so far so good.  Most of the parents are following the directions and signing the the form. I've made the directions simple and theory are in English and Spanish.  Although it has only been a few weeks, I am already seeing improvement with some o my little ones who really needed the extra help.

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