Predictable Books

I have been working in my room the past few days- in between assessing 100 kindergartners.  My room is slowly coming together. I've also been working on printing, and putting together my beginning of the year readers.  We make a lot of books in kindergarten. My books serve many purposes.

  • My kids can read them successfully,  because they have predictable text
  • My kids are learning new vocabulary- most of my kids are ELL
  • My kids are learning words that are associated with specific letters.
Once the books are made, the are stored in ziplock bags inside their book boxes.  I found these a few years ago at IKEA.  They come 5 to a pack for $2. This will be my third year using them.  They stay on the bookshelf and the ziplock bags are removed for easy transportation around the room.

During the first two weeks of school we will make and read a few books from my
Back-to-School Mini Readers set.
Once we begin the Focus letter of the week, we will be using my Predictable Alphabet Readers.
Alphabet Books

I've also been preparing my monthly writing books.  We complete one page  month.  I love to see the progress my kids make during the year.  Often they will look at their books and claim that it isn't theirs when they seethe messy writing and drawings at the beginning.  Many forget that when they started they couldn't hold a pencil or write their name.
 Here a a Freebie to use the first day- it is the first page from my monthly writing packet.

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