Dry Erase Pockets- AMAZING

I was asked by My Binding to use and review their  C-Line Dry Erase Pockets.  These are FABULOUS!!! 

They are made of super thick clear plastic with colorful trim in assorted colors.  I used several different types of dry-erase markers with these and everyone wiped clean easily.  My kids think these are the best.  They work hard to finish their work so they can be the first to use them. Little do they know that I have inserted skills sheets into these for practice and review.

These sheets are eco-friendly by helping to save paper.  Instead of making a class set, I can make a few copies for a center. The kids still get to practice they skills they need.

Having a class set in multiple colors would allow for differentiation.  Students could be told which color they were to use based on the skill they needed and their ability. Here are some picture o my kids using these, notice they can be used on the carpet or the table.

They are available in sets of 5 for just $16.07
You can click on the image below to take you to their website product page.

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Beach Teacher said...

I love using these in my classroom too! We use them for drawing, as well as temporary lamination for games such as "bump." They have held up very well throughout the year:)

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