YouTube in the Classroom

I've just recently started to use YouTube in the classroom.  I am hooked on Mr. Harry's Kindergarten. Maybe I'm coming late to the party, but it's really not my fault.  Our district had blocked You Tube and other video streaming websites.  Now, it is intermittently blocked.  Somedays it works and others I get this large flashing red stop sign that makes me feel like I was trying to access some type of adult risqué web site.  I new there had to be a way for me to save those great teaching You Tube videos to my laptop and play them at school.

And the answer is YES, There is.

It lets you download the video and save it to your personal computer.  However, I took it one step further.  I do most of my work from my desktop, so that is where I saved the videos, then I uploaded them to my google drive.  Now, now matter where I go, I can access my movie folder.

My Kids love the 2D Shapes I Know and the 3D Shapes I Know songs.  Their newest favorite is Let's Get Fit.  It is a Jack Hartman song made into a video by Mr. Harry.  It is perfect for getting them up and moving and they are counting at the same time. Please share with me some of your favorite YouTube videos to use in class.

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Hollie Fumero said...

My class and I love those videos. Especially the 3d shape one and there was one on Martin Luther King too. Our district blocks them too. I think the teacher computers should be exempt from that but no such luck yet. I have also learned to download videos and put them on a thumb drive I am not sure how to do it through google but that will be a vacation experiment day. Here are the steps to do it my way:

1. find the video you want on youtube

2. go to the url box and highlight the word youtube only and replace it with the word voobys (yes that right)

3. while waiting for that to open a pop up may come up and you want to hit allow so that you get the download button.

4. next hit the green download button and it will go to your dowloads and from there you drag it to your thumb drive.

I use VLC to watch the videos at school and that was free to download to the computer. I hope that others find this useful.