Valentine's Day Free Measurement Activity

Yes, I know Valentine's day is tomorrow, but I also know that some of you are still planning your activities for tomorrow.  Here are two that are simple to do.  The first activity is a bunch of random-sized hearts with a line drawn across them.  Students measure the width of the heart using linker cubes and linking chains, then record their answers
Valentines Measurement Activity Freebie
The second activity is cute being that it is in these little heart boxes, but you could just use an envelope or ziplock baggie.  I have some easy-to-read sight word sentences cut up and the kids take one, build it and then write it on their recording sheet.  Click the picture above to download this freebie.


Unknown said...

Such cute activities!
Thank you!
Crayons and Curls

Pam said...

I appreciate you sharing this great freebie! But is the different sized hearts supposed to be included or the sentences that are cut up and bn they have to put back in order on that writing sheet? Just wondering..

Tiffani said...

Pam, I only included the recording sheets. As for the hearts, I just used different sized hearts from scrapbook paper. I did not include the sentences as I didn't save them.