Let's Talk Turkey

As October comes to a close, it's time to talk turkey.  Although my students have been having a great time learning all their math skills with my Halloween centers, it soon will be time to put them away.  Being that I needed to replace them with something, I made Thanksgiving-themed math centers and a pocket chart with a matching emergent reader.  Before we know it we will be on Thanksgiving break. 

We have hopefully mastered numbers 0-10 and are now working on the teens.  To get us started I've created a number sequencing activity that is my Freebie for today. We will be using this next week.  Just read to the end. While you are reading take a peek at the centers I've made.

 And Now For The FREEBIE
You can get yours for free by just clicking below


Judi said...

I love the turkey number order activity, but when I click for the freebie it downloads posters. How do I get the correct freebie?

Time4K said...

Judi- thanks so much for letting me know about the Freebie not being there. I will try to find out what happened to the link.

Brooke said...

I cannot get the freebie to come up?

Time4K said...

Freebie is fixed