Fall Math Centers

Are your Math Work Stations up and running?  I've been quite busy this week trying t0 get ready for Math Work Stations.  I've been creating new stations and introducing them to the kids.  Tomorrow will be our first day of diving into them.  As much as I wanted to start the week doing math and literacy work stations, I knew it would be too much.    Being that I did math work stations last year, I feel comfortable to start with those first.  This year is more challenging as I need 12 stations instead of 8.  Last year I had an early late program in my class, so that is when I did the work stations.  Now we have less students, I have 23, and we are full day kindergarten.  I have my 12 boxes ready with  all the centers.  My printer and laminator have been working overtime.  Luckily I have great parents who cut out all my stuff after I laminate it.  Here is a peek at what we will be doing this week.

These are from my Fabulous Fall Math Centers
Tally Marks Puzzles
Missing numbers
 Complete the Patterns
 Counting Leaves
 Read the Room and Count
 The rest of my Work Stations are from My Spooktacular Math and Literacy pack
 Count and Clip
halloween math

Pattern Strip Book
halloween patterns

 10 Frame Counting

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