Banners, Binders and Books

I've been pulling late nights and having fun creating new items for my classroom.  So far I've made another banner, this time red and white polka dots and more a pages to add to my plan book.  I've repainted a shelf and found some cute new accents to go in my room.

The shelf was an old wood bookcase.  I painted it with leftover paint I had at home and added some black and white polka dot ribbon to the edges.  I also glued some black and white shelf liner I found at the Dollar Store to the back panel.  It won't really show, except when the kids remove their boxes. I found the polka dot box ($4.99) and the READ BOOKS at TJ Maxx for $5.99 each, but I also just saw the READ BOOKS at Marshall's for the same price.  Below is how my students store their individual books that they create in class.  I purchased the boxes from IKEA last year.  They were $2 for 5 boxes. I made labels for the front with student numbers so that I can keep reusing them.  I just found some black with wihite polka dot fabric to use on the wall behind the shelf I can't wait to put it up.


forkin4th said...

Loving the cuteness of this, normally I am disgusted by primary colors but the addition of black & white polka dots makes it adorable! Happy to have found your blog & be your newest follower. Check out my blog when you have a chance and enter to win my sunflower life cycle giveaway - wishing you the best WINNING luck!

:) Antonia
forkin 4th

Camille said...

Great job on the bookcase! I love it! Now I am going to check your archives for more photos of your room.
An Open Door

Tiffani said...

Thanks Anonia and Camille for stopping by. I will be posting pictures soon. Right now all I have are pictures of after the cleaning crew went through- not pretty

Jill said...

I love the look of the bookcase. Black and red are so striking together. Thanks for sharing.