Tattling Turtle

This past year tattling started to get out of control.  So many times it never even had to do with the person who was doing the tattling.  You know the tattle- " Joey's cutting Andrew paper...   Mary didn't ask to use the bathroom"    I usually dealt with it on a case by cue basis, but noticed how much time tattling was eating at my day and interrupting my small group times well.  In the past I've tried different approaches to tattling, one thing I tired was to tell the tattler to go tell ???.  They'd walk over to the person, tell them and be done with it.  Of course the person they were telling would look at them strangely.  I had seen the Tattling Turtle in a friends room once and thought wouldn't that be cute.  Being the control freak creative teacher that I am, I had to of course make my own to math my room.  You can get yours here.


Sarah said...

I love this idea! If it works, I'm sure it would save you so much time dealing with tattling problems. :) Thank you for the freebie!

Miss A's Kindergarten

Kindertrips said...

Precious-I had trouble with tattling at the end of the school year. Thank you for sharing!