Math Work Stations-Revisited

It was a year ago today that Dee Dee Will's from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten, kicked off the party with Debbie Dillar's Math Work Stations.  I read the book, followed the blog party and implemented work stations into my kindergarten day.  Here are a few questions people have asked me when I talk about the book.
Did I stick with it all year?  Yes
Was it successful? Yes,
Could I do it better?  Absolutely, there were parts that worked really well for me and others that I wasn't so good at.
Will I do it next year?  YES!!!  I think I will have even greater success next year.  I am lucky enough to be able to attend a 2-day training just for this book.  I will learn and create with my colleagues from another school in our district.

 If you didn't get on the blog-train last year, but want to add this to your summer list, you can get the book from Amazon.  If you want to read other bloggers take on the book and  see what we did last summer, just click the Link to Dee Dee's page above and start reading, clicking and blog hopping.

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