Protect your Tech

Technology has changed the way I teach.  However this means that I must bring my laptop to school.  When I first purchased my laptop I had a very difficult time finding a bag that was stylish and offered protection against the elements and protection against banging it into something or worse yet, dropping it.  Sure it was easy to find cases for 14" or 15" laptops, but I have the big one!  This is a 17" baby.  I ended up ordering a custom made carrying case because all I could find were briefcases or rolling cases that would hold mine.  
Now skip forward a few years, my laptop is still going strong and sees more travel than ever.  If I'm not carting it off to work, my son is hijacking it for school.  Now my laptop needs more protection than ever and my son really didn't want to be seen with his mom's girly laptop case.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review this case from Samsill. Their 17" Altego™ Clear Laptop Sleeve is fabulous. The front side is made up of clear independent air pockets for maximum protection from shock, impact and vibration.  The back side is comprised of thick neoprene with cushion cell lining.  Another advantage to this case is that it is airport security friendly.  According to Samsill, there is no need to remove your case from the sleeve while going through airport security.  I highly recommend this product.  As a mom of a teenage boy who isn't always as gentle as I'd like him to be, I know my laptop is safe when it is with him.  As a bonus feature it fits perfectly into my bag that I use for work.


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