Butterflies are Fluttering

oday when I let my kids in they immediately ran to see if we had butterflies.  I hadn't even looked.  I really didn't think we would have them so soon.  We did, we had two.  I took the enclosure off of the clothesline and placed it under the Elmo.  While the students went about their morning center work they watched the third butterfly emerge.  We are still waiting for the other two.  I was able to capture some photos and video throughout the day.


The entire process of watching tiny larva grow and change has been the talk of the classroom since our Insect Lore package arrived.  My students are complexity engaged. They are constantly looking at our butterfly books, talking about them and sharing them with everyone who enters the room.  Our reading specialist gets a personal tour of our butterfly garden every day when she arrives to get her reading group. Even my students who normally do not talk or participate are doing so.  The conversations they are having amongst themselves are funny, interesting, and educational.   Bringing science to life has been been so rewarding for my students and for me as an educator.  Next year, I will plan a little better and add ladybugs to our curriculum as well.  The process only took a few weeks.  They arrived April 17th and today, May 2nd we have butterflies
Thank you Incest Lore for giving me the opportunity to review your wonderfulbutterfly garden

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Anonymous said...

I love it! My team and I skipped butterflies this year, and now I regret it. We will have to do them next year for sure!!!
I just found your great blog!!