Sight Word Fun

Today it was raining, so inside recess it would be with 32 (YIKES)!  Free choice was obviously out.  I had been saving this little project/idea for a rainy day. They loved it.  So super simple.  I have a ton of these pre-made by my 4th grade girls who come in during their lunch recess to help me.  They are super easy to make.  I think I will make some bigger font ones because they were super quick at it today.

Supplies Needed:

  • Print out a copy of dotted words or make your own using Jardotty Font
  • Staple to construction paper- I used old scraps.
  • Give kids a push-pin-Discuss poking your neighbor
  • Carpet square- In my room they sat on the rug

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Carmen said...

Hi Tiffani!!

I absolutely love the pushy pin activities and so do my students. It seems to calm down the more active ones because it keeps them busy!! Thanks for the post.

Karmen @

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