Mrs. Muguruss's No Good Very Bad Day

Today was one of those day's where you wish you could put yourself on a time-out.  They only good part of the day was when my co-worker delivered my 4 boxes of girl-scout cookies.  Although  I thought about eating an entire box myself... I did refrain and shoved the rest in my desk.

It started off really great- I had my Crazy Socks on and was ready for a day of Seuss fun.  Too bad the kids weren't.  I had been out on Friday and the kids gave the sub a very hard time.   Apparently they were still in rare form.  I didn't get to my art activity, my assessment was interrupted when one kid bit another, then during my direct instruction time the phone rang 4 times.   I seriously need a wireless headset  for the classroom phone.  My phone is in the North Pole of my classroom.  I have to climb over children and  my desk to get to it quickly.  Usually they hang up before I can get to it.  Oh, did I mention the nurse was checking vision and hearing, and it was Spring picture day.  Needless to say that by the end of the day I was ready to go home, crawl under the covers and wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, my favorite and most loathed day of the week.  It is my favorite day because all students leave at noon.  I loathe it because the kids are ALL there together from 8:15-12:00.  You all know I have 31 right??? I did have 32, but one moved last week, she was a super sweetie- I miss her.

Ok, so if you stuck out my long winded, venting post you deserve a reward.

Just because my week started off badly doesn't mean yours has to, so I'm having a sale in my Teacher's Notebook Store  Everything this week is 20% off.

AND...  if you come back tomorrow and share your day with me- I'll have a freebie for you.

Tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day- at least I won't have to worry about doing my hair....


Freckleteacher said...

You poor thing! Some days are like that for all of us, but like you said...tomorrow is a new day! I hope you survive all 31 kids together. Next year I will likely be in the same boat. Ugh! Love your socks by the way!
My class is going to wear crazy socks on Wacky Wednesday! I got the idea from you!

Ms. Wold said...

Sorry about your no good, very bad day. My Friday was like that. Hope your Tuesday isn't so bad.

✪ Miss W

Miss W Teaches

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh so sorry! Actually yesterday, Monday, was a good day for my students. No interruptions which is a VERY big deal lately! LOL, however, today will be a different story for sure! we are having our crazy hat and sock day and it is also my assistants birthday.On Wednesday we are having Wacky Wednesday-the kids will wear mismatched clothes, backwards or inside out clothing. Hold on, I can already hear the sweet little squeals from them! LOL, Anyway, today we are having a party for her-I'm thinking I will wait until the VERY last minute to do this-probably around 1:30 when they get in from playing b/c they love to go out and it is good for them! Hope today is better for you!

Giggles and Squeals said...

We all have days like this... hang in there. You are a trooper for the socks... they ROCK!

Mrs. Kost said...

My day was like that too. I'm torn now between wishing for a snow day or getting that time to finish my Trimester 2 assessments
I think the snow day is winning

Unknown said...

I am so sorry Tiffani you had a bad Monday! I hope your Tuesday was much better! Love your socks!!! And Wow - 31! Prayers to you! Heres to hope Wednesday is even better! :)
Crayons and Curls

Unknown said...

Oh - forgot to tell you! My kiddos did your -at center today and LOVED them! I think I am going to try one a week (unless they beg me to do more). Thank you so much! :)
Crayons and Curls