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 Leanne, from Hanging with Mr. Cooper has tagged me.  Check out her blog and follow her while you are there.

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12 Fun Facts About Me
1. I'm the oldest of 7- I have five brothers and a sister.
2. I have an obsession for matching organizing containers
3. I could live on appetizers and dips if my family would let me.
4. I'm legally blind
5. I love Zumba
6. I love to shop for shoes
7. I have enough scrapbook supplies to open my own store.
8. I love to entertain and host parties.
9. Red is my favorite color.
10. I spent 10 years being a die hard soccer mom- lots of hotels and travel
11. I could drink white mocha's from Starbucks all day lone
12. I love a good Hallmark movie

12 Questions from my Tagger
1. What's your favorite candy? Reeses Pieces
2. Do you sell units, etc. on TpT? If so, how do you find the time to work on them?

Not on TpT, but I do on Teacher's notebook.  I work on them at night while watching TV and on the weekends while my family is still asleep.
3. Who is your favorite children's author? Hmm that's hard, Eric Carle is one of my favorites.
4. What is your favorite subject to teach you kiddos and why? I LOVE to teach math.  I like to make it interesting and hands on.  Even when I was teaching third grade we would sing our math facts, or do TPR to help us remember our geometry.  

5. How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?
I've been blogging for about five years.  I've had several blogs that have come and gone.  My Time 4 Kindergarten blog has been the most successful in the sense that I have really stuck with it and I have a great group of blog followers.  

6. What is your favorite dish to cook/bake?
I love to make Smokin Mac-n-cheese.  What's not to love about mac-n-cheese with smoked gouda and smoked ham.

7. What's your favorite way to exercise?
In one word-Zumba.

8. What is your favorite crafting activity?
Scrapbooking- I have a great group of scrappy friends.  We take turns meeting at each others houses and love going away together for weekend scrapbook retreats at the beach.

9. How long have you been teaching and what grades have you taught?
I have been teaching for 21 years.  I've taught K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Most of those years have been in K and third.
0. What is your middle name?
Lee- can we say boring- but I think if you were born in the 60's it was super popular.
11. What is your most effective stress-reducing technique? (eating, exercising, music, sleep, etc)
going on-line checking out Facebook, playing Words With Friends and Pinterest.  I could literally spend hours  messing around of the computer.
12. When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
When I was really young.

12 Questions for the Bloggers i've Tagged.

  1. How long have you been teaching and what grades have you taught?
  2. Do you have children of your own?
  3. What is your favorite children's book?
  4. Do you prefer coffee or tea and what kind?
  5. Do you have any hobbies?
  6. Have you traveled outside of the United States, if so where?
  7. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. How long have you been blogging?
  10. Do you watch sports?
  11. Do you have a class project you do each year?
  12. Have you always taught at the school you are at?
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