Hooray for the 100th Day

Tomorrow we will celebrate the 100th day.  My kids are soooo excited.  Tomorrow they will be bringing in their hundred day projects.  A few have come in already and WOW! is all I can say.  So, to help celebrate the big day I made cupcakes- Ssshh don't tell... I have a new 100th day shirt thanks to  Ms Gilchrist's cute free design and I made the buttons, thanks to Tech High Robotics, for loaning me the button maker.  My son is on the robotics team at his high school and I am a team mentor.  I thought it would be fun to give each kinder kid a button.  I am in love with the machine and think I need one for my own classroom.  Just think of all the cute buttons we could make.
100th day celebration

100th day t-shirt

100th day buttons

This one is so creative.  It took up my entire table.
100th day project

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