I'm Seeing Numbers and Letters

It's report card time.  The biggest thing I can be thankful for is that they are now computer generated and not the old fashioned NCR forms.  It still takes forever and the canned computer comments never say what I need them to say.  I think next time I'll volunteer for the report card committee, ours is poorly designed, but better than it used to be.  I can now recite the alphabet in the order we assess it. S M R T BN H V C P...  I find it frustrating that the kids still call /S/ a  /C/ even though it is the first letter we teach.  Once I finish report cards I have to compile all the information for our Safety Net meetings, then place kids in intervention groups.  It is going to be a long road ahead for some of my little darlings.  I am thankful I have the entire week off and am looking at my insomnia as a blessing being that I did 12 report cards at 5:00 AM this morning.  Happy holidays  and happy benchmarking and report carding, may it go quickly.

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