Math Work Stations Week 1

We just finished our first week of Math Work Stations.  it was so much fun.  The kids did great.  I had simple that covered a variety of skills.  Sorting/ classify, patterning, counting numbers to sets.  Some of the stations covered more than one skill.  It was interesting to see if they'd sort or make patterns with the buttons.  The best part is, I don't have to change them out yet.  I'm rotating the kids through them for the next few weeks.  I already have more things I want to add, but want everyone to experience what I have  in the tubs now.

I do have a question for those of you who do MWS, how many stations do you have going at one time.  I have 8 because I do my stations during my early/late small groups.  Otherwise, I'd have 32 kids and 16 stations.  I don't know where I'd put all of the kids.  I don't like them to share a table due to the fact that they end up playing and not working.    


Linda McCardle said...

I have 11 work stations, I have 22 children and they are going to workstations in teams of 2. Two of my workstations are computer stations and 2 groups see me for small group activities.
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krazykindergarten said...

UuuuuGGGGGGgggHHHHhhhhhh!!! 32 kindergartners! WOW!!! That is crazy!!!!! You have my admiration and sympathy!! =)

Kindergarten Stars said...

Right now I have 7 MWS with 2 students at a station. (We do our Math Stations during our Math intervention time so those students who do not go to intervention particiapte in stations while the Kindergarten teachers work with those students who need extra help) Love your blog!!