Math Journals

 I really wanted to do math journals this year.  I even started to write my own prompts, then I stumbled across DeeDee Will's Packet and thought to myself, "why reinvent the wheel"  My kids love it.  It is quick, simple and super informative.  I retyped the prompts so that I could make a big book for the class.  I demonstrate using the big book, then they are off and running.

Here is a little tip to make finding the next page easy.  My kids were having a hard time turning to the next page, so now I use a cute stamp, apple, star, whatever and stamp the next clean page as they show me their journals.  Then the following day I can say "turn to the apple and glue your prompt"  This has really made a difference in keeping everyone of nthe same page.

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Libby said...

I'm still waiting to start journals, thanks for the tip :)
Dual Kinder Teacher